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Memorial Health System Warns Public of Scam Attempt


Editor’s note:  We are requesting the media’s assistance in posting this information and sharing on your social media accounts in order to warn the public. Thank you for your consideration. 

Memorial Health System on Thursday warned the public about an attempted scam involving phone calls that appear to originate from the system’s main phone number. 

MHS learned that unknown parties had “spoofed” the system’s 217-788-3000 number, and are making calls to local residents that appear to come from Memorial Health System. The callers have falsely claimed the recipient must pay a bill or have attempted to sell a product.  

Legitimate calls are still originating from the 217-788-3000 number, such as to schedule or confirm appointments.  Memorial asks that patients who may have concerns about the authenticity of a call should hang up and call back. Incoming calls to MHS have not been impacted. 

Anyone who believes they may have been a victim of fraud is asked to contact their local police agency.