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Wishes Continue to Come True Thanks to Generous Donors


Since 2012, the Sharing Wishes Fund has given hospice patients and their families an emotional lift during a challenging time in life. No matter how modest the wish, the recipients and their loved ones are appreciative and many take time to express their feelings in words. Here are a few of those comments.

The wish: A TV, DVD player and new guitar
“Thank you so much. Little wishes mean big things to folks like me.”

The wish: A family meal and a new suit
“Our family had a wonderful time visiting with each other, talking and laughing. It was nice to have that special time. However we may try, we cannot express to you how grateful we are for your kindness.”

The wish: A gift card to pay for expenses while on a trip to visit a sibling in Florida
“He was all smiles from the time he left Springfield for his first airplane ride all the way to Florida and back! Thank you! We do not know how much longer we have here on Earth with our brother, but we know one thing for sure – he will leave Earth knowing he was truly loved and that he has seen all of his family and even Mickey Mouse!

The wish: Round-trip airline tickets to Florida
“I just wanted to tell you how thankful I am for your gift. It is truly a wish come true! I haven’t seen my brother for over 20 years and thanks to you I was able to see him one last time.”

More wishes will come true in 2014 thanks to those who attended the third annual Memorial Hospice Gala on April 12. Nearly $26,000 was raised for the Sharing Wishes Fund, which is administered through the Memorial Medical Center Foundation.

"Hospice staff spends much time reflecting with patients and families about their memories, hopes and dreams. With the help of the Sharing Wishes Fund, we can enhance their quality of life on an emotional level," said Elena Kezelis, executive director of the Foundation.

The 400 Gala attendees enjoyed a keynote address by Steve Ford, son of the late President Gerald Ford and First Lady Betty Ford. You can view pictures from the event on Memorial Health System’s Facebook page.

If you were unable to attend the Gala, you can still help make wishes come true by donating to the Sharing Wishes Fund anytime during the year.