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Mobile Crisis Response Teams Expand to Morgan, Scott Counties


Memorial Behavioral Health’s clinician-led crisis response teams will double their geographic region when they expand coverage to Morgan and Scott counties today (June 6).

Through the behavioral health agency’s mobile crisis response, mental health professionals are dispatched to assist adults and children going through a mental health emergency. The 24/7 service launched in April, covering Sangamon and Menard counties. Many crises are resolved by way of telehealth services, either over the phone or through video conferencing, but crisis teams will go to the individual when in-person care is warranted.

“Our mobile crisis response teams will go out into the community when necessary to de-escalate situations so these individuals in crisis don’t end up in the emergency department or in the corrections system,” said Leaha Jones, manager of behavioral health for Memorial Behavioral Health.

To activate a mobile crisis response team, callers can reach the service at 217-788-7070. The service does not require a fee.

Mobile crisis response teams work with local law enforcement and schools. In addition to resolving an immediate crisis, they also refer to outpatient care or make recommendations for a higher level of care, such as inpatient hospitalization, when warranted.

The service is a valuable resource because, Jones said, “When you’re experiencing a mental health crisis, you’re not thinking, ‘I need to go visit a mental health counselor.’”