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Hospital Foundation Grant Helps High School with Fitness Training


The high school health and physical education department was awarded a $1,600 community health grant that allowed the purchase of a high-tech timing system that provides accurate and immediate timing in a wide variety of speed-training scenarios.

School instructors use the equipment during physical education classes and during a lesson in which students calculate their top running speed in miles per hour.

“Our goal is to teach that physical activity is fun with the hope that exercise will become part of a daily routine throughout the student's lifetime,” said Kevin Reedy, assistant principal and athletic director.

The Foundation’s Community Health Grant Program was launched in 2021 to assist with funding health-related projects in Taylorville and surrounding communities.

“The Taylorville Memorial Foundation is proud to help the health and physical education teachers at Nokomis High School encourage students to be more physically active,” said Raedena Ryan, the foundation’s executive director. “Our hospital’s priorities, determined through our Community Health Needs Assessment, include combating obesity and reducing the risk of depression. Physical exercise helps children in both of those areas.”

The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organized in 1995. The foundation accepts financial donations to help further the mission of Taylorville Memorial Hospital. For more information about the foundation or its Community Health Grant Program, visit or call 217-707-5271.