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Decatur Memorial Hospital Nurse Honored with DAISY Award


Mathieson is a registered clinical nurse in the Emergency Care Center of the nonprofit hospital. He was nominated for this honor by three different individuals, all acknowledging his skill and compassion as a nurse.

One of Mathieson’s nominators wrote, “Rudy’s care, concern and expertise were apparent when I came to your ER in great pain. When I hear the phrase, ‘Nurses are angels on earth,’ Rudy comes to mind.”

Another nominator wrote, “Rudy had a patient who was agitated and combative. Rudy calmed him and got the patient stabilized. It was a difficult case, but Rudy worked with this patient phenomenally.”

“Rudy treated me like family and I felt love for him. He made me feel safe,” a third nominator wrote.

Mathieson, of Decatur, has worked at Decatur Memorial Hospital since 2020.

The nonprofit DAISY Foundation was established by the family of J. Patrick Barnes, who died from complications of an autoimmune disease. They were inspired to create the DAISY Award because of the care nurses provided to Barnes and his family during his illness.