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Taylor Dierker Named November Colleague of Month for Jacksonville Memorial Hospital


Dierker’s nominator praised her consistent quality of work in the Laboratory at Jacksonville Memorial Hospital, noting her attention to accuracy, thoroughness and efficiency. When she comes across a questionable result in the lab, Dierker provides guidance and direction that allow laboratory colleagues to make the correct decision for optimal patient results.

“Taylor has an immense amount of knowledge about her field and will not hesitate to find the answer to a question if she does not know the answer,” wrote her nominator. “Her ability to teach and demonstrate laboratory techniques has served her laboratory colleagues and students well. Her poise, leadership, work ethic, positivity and knowledge is hard to find.”

Dierker has worked for Jacksonville Memorial Hospital since 2017. In her spare time, she likes to read books, graphic novels and web comics, binge watch television shows, hike and spend time with her husband and cat.