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Memorial Health System and Passavant Area Hospital Discussion


Memorial Health System is pleased to learn that the Passavant Area Hospital Board of Directors voted unanimously on March 18 to proceed with the exploration of a future affiliation with Memorial Health System.
Memorial Health System President and Chief Executive Officer Edgar J. Curtis said, “The Passavant Area Hospital Board of directors has displayed clear and reasoned insight into what will be required to navigate through the health care reform environment in the years ahead. 

"Passavant Board Chairperson Jan Terry is absolutely correct in her comments regarding the timing of the decision by Passavant’s Board of Directors as it concerns the coming changes in health care.  It will take all of us working together as we proceed toward successful implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and achieve its objectives of improving population health and affordable access to care.

“We are pleased to now explore a deeper relationship between Memorial Health System and Passavant Area Hospital to provide the best possible health care for residents of the Jacksonville area,” Curtis concluded.