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Taylorville Memorial Hospital Launches Website Update


Taylorville Memorial Hospital has launched an updated version of its website to improve the community’s access.

"Many of our patients encounter our hospital before they ever step foot in our building by first accessing our website,” said Kim Bourne, CEO of Taylorville Memorial Hospital. “With that in mind, we wanted to ensure that their online experience was as easy and as user-friendly as possible. These new updates to reflect our commitment to improve our patients’ experiences."

A new button on the lower left of every page provides one-click access to a list of medical services and programs at Taylorville Memorial.

Frequently requested information is available by clicking the new drop-down menu labeled “I Want To …” on the left side of the site. Menu items include contact details, finding a physician, offering directions and helping you pay your bill or request medical records.

n event calendar will list community events, support group schedules and other breaking news.

Scroll to the bottom for an expanded map with links to the entire site to quickly find the section you need.