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ALMH Receives National Award for Sustainability, Waste Reduction


Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital earned a national award given to recognize environmental achievements in the health care sector.

The Partner Recognition Award from Practice Greenhealth, an organization dedicated to environmental sustainability in health care, is given to health care facilities changing their practices to become more sustainable and that have achieved progress in areas such as waste reduction, renewable energy adoption, food purchasing and mercury elimination. They also must have a recycling rate of at least 10 percent for their entire waste stream.

“As health care providers, sustainability aligns with our mission to improve the health of the people and communities we serve,” said Dolan Dalpoas, president and CEO of the non-profit hospital part of Memorial Health System in Springfield. “We are continually evaluating our practices to improve our sustainability.”

ALMH earned the recognition for launching several new initiatives, including increased recycling and the replacement of parking lot lights with more efficient LED bulbs.

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