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Foundation to Provide Sexual Assault Patient Care in the Emergency Room


Survivors of sexual assault rely on nurses, physicians, sexual assault service providers, law enforcement and prosecutors to treat their physical wounds, help them seek justice and provide support for the severe emotional trauma they face as they begin the difficult recovery process. In the criminal justice system, Illinois residents rely on these first responders, who aid victims of sexual assault by collecting evidence used to identify, prosecute and convict the perpetrators. These are critical steps to aid in providing a victim with compassionate medical care to help assist in their recovery and pursuit of justice. The Illinois Attorney General is providing an eight-hour education on June 26 called the Foundation to Provide Sexual Assault Patient Care in the Emergency Room. This course is designed to improve the response to sexual assault patients by providing an overview of the medical-forensic examination and evidence collection process. Topics for the day include sexual assault laws such as the Sexual Assault Survivors Emergency Treatment Act (SASETA), neurobiology of trauma, drug-facilitated sexual assault, strangulation, discharge instructions and medical treatment. This education will help nurses, mid-level providers, physicians, law enforcement, advocates and first responders to work together and better serve and protect Illinois residents from the painful effects of sexual assault.