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Safe Ride Available for the Logan County Fair


The ALMH Community Health Collaborative is encouraging those who attend the Logan County Fair and drink alcohol to utilize SAFE RIDES, a free ride home to prevent drunk driving accidents.

Safe Rides home will be available at the Logan County Fair on August 4 and 5 to those who need it. The free ride home is provided by the local taxi service and paid for by the ALMH Community Health Collaborative. Funds are raised through fees paid to attend quarterly Victim Impact Panels held for convicted DUI offenders.

“Safe Ride helps to keep our streets safer on nights when children and families are more likely to be celebrating away from home. Our hope is that the community will remember that the service is available and choose not to drink and drive,” said Angela Stoltzenburg, ALMH Community Health Collaborative director.

To receive a free ride home within the Lincoln city limits, patrons can ask the bartender for a Safe Ride ticket.

The ALMH Community Health Collaborative is comprised of community agencies working to create a healthy community. For more information, call 217-605-5008.