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Conquering CAUTI: Advancing Needs Assessments Using Simulation


There are three hospital associations that make up the Great Lakes Partners for Patient Hospital Improvement Innovation Network (GLPP HIIN): The Illinois Health and Hospital Association (IHA), the Michigan Health and Hospital Association (MHA) and the Wisconsin Hospital Association (WHA). These three groups partnered together to “launch a unique initiative to assist their members in reducing hospital-acquired conditions (HAC) and readmissions.” Reducing HACs by twenty percent and readmissions by twelve percent by 2019 is a major goal. One opportunity provided by the GLPP HIIN is allowing these groups to share solutions that have been successful in rural, urban and suburban communities across the three states. “The partnership allows us to continue implementing innovations necessary to achieve goals to lower healthcare costs, prevent harm and save lives.” Monica Sharick and Tim Milner, both Simulation Consultants in our Organization Learning Operations department along with Leslie Uranga, Clinical Learning Consultant in Organization Learning were trained at Jump Trading Center (Jump) on what was needed and required to be a host for this education. Those three were joined by three additional Learning Consultants, Brian Douglas, Ashley Kahl and Kelly Cockayne to gain knowledge on the second series of Simulations which educates attendees on Venous Thrombosis Embolism (VTE). Jump developed this education and along with Rush University is working to promote the initiatives for Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection (CAUTI), VTE, Clostridium Difficile (C-Diff) and Readmissions.

We have hosted one simulated education in the last few weeks in partnership with the GLPP HIIN and have two sessions remaining on August 14th and September 12th.