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TMH Hosts Addiction Recovery Event


Taylorville Memorial Hospital hosted the Christian County Prevention Coalition’s “End the Trend to Addiction” event on Saturday, September 23. 

The event was kicked off by a flash mob of 23 performers from L & K Fitness and a local Girl Scout group.  Once inside, the celebration continued with eight individuals and families who shared their stories about addiction.  The forum was emceed by Jason Domonousky who shared his story as he celebrated his second anniversary of recovery.

Twenty vendors provided information on a variety of addiction related topics.  A “Hidden in Plain Sight” room was set up for parents, caregivers and adults to learn how to spot items in a teen’s room that might be indicative of risky behaviors such as substance abuse and underage drinking.

Attendees were able to write messages on a “Memorial Wall” for those who have lost their fight to addiction along with a “Celebrate Recovery Wall” to leave messages of hope.

“Taylorville Memorial Hospital is pleased to have hosted such an important event,” said TMH president and CEO Kim Bourne.  “We hope by shining the light on addiction more people will know what symptoms and behaviors to look for and utilize the resources our community has to aid in addiction recovery.”

There were a total over 150 participants, including vendors and speakers, who attended the event.

For more information on getting involved with the Christian County Prevention Coalition, visit