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Hands-On Healthcare: Nursing Session


The November 16th session of Hands-On Healthcare will provide a plethora of learning opportunties for attendees. Guests will start their evening in the 2B H.D. Smith Tiered Classroom and breakout into smaller groups before rotating through various stations in the 3B Clinical Simulation Classroom, the 3D Clinical Classroom, the Simulated Patient Care Room, the Simulated Emergency Treatment Room, the Simulated Specialty Patient Care Room, the Simulated Emergency Trauma Room and the Simulated Patient Home. Participants will get to listen to a manikin and evaluate lung sounds, listen to different heart rhythms, view a simulated stab wound victim, interact with a heart attack victim and observe a normal delivery from Victoria, the birthing simulator. Events like Hands-On Healthcare really allow us to show off our resources and the many types of simulations we can create for our guests.