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Medical Interpreter Education Course


Next week, several working contracted medical interpreters will take part in a required forty hours of basic medical interpreter education focusing on National Council of Interpreters in Healthcare (NCIHC) standards.

Objectives covered include:
Managing an Interpretering Encounter
Healthcare Terminology
Interacting with Other Healthcare Professionals
Interpreter Roles and Ethics
Cultural Competence

Students will also learn about interpreter certification, certification maintenance, continuing education and laws and regulations governing interpreter services. The Affordable Care Act states that all interpreters have to be "qualified" and the best way to prove qualification is by certification. Passavant Area Hospital (PAH) has previously required that all interpreters acquire certification. Memorial Medical Center, Springfield Clinic, SIU School of Medicine and St. Johns Hospital have all followed suit, according to Joan Engleman, MS, Interpreter Coordinator at PAH. All area interpreters will need to be certified by the end of March 2018 to remain on the contracted list of interpreters who care used for a variety of medical appointments, surgical procedures and emergency room visits. Many of the medical providers within not only our health system, but also the surrounding communities, interact with the same patient and itnerpeters. These providers requested  to have this education brought to Springfield. Engleman has previously taught this course twice at Passavant and was excited to bring it to the MCLI! Attendees will be here Monday and Wednesday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.