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Delegation Simulation


Ashley Farrow, who is one of four Clinical Learning Consultants within the Organization Learning department, along with one of the Nursing Outcomes Improvement Facilitators (NOIFs), will be leading a one-on-one simulation next week to assist a member of Memorial's nursing workforce with delegating tasks to other nursing team members that work on their unit. This type of simulation is done periodically when an employee reaches out to our Organization Learning department to assist with education on a specific topic or task.  Delegating to co-workers can be a difficult thing to learn how to do and is not always well received by other team members. This simulation will focus on delegating tasks and the response from team members when that direction is not adhered to. Both a Clinical Learning Facilitator and a NOIF will be present during the simulation which will also utilize a Standardized Patient to allow for person to person interaction.  After the simulation is complete, the Clinical Learning Facilitator and the NOIF will debrief with participants to find out what went well, what needs improvement in the future and what the next steps will be. These types of simulations allow for a more personalized experience in a safe space and reminds employees of the excellent resources available through Organization Learning.