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Successful Splinting: Hands-On Fabrication and Troubleshooting


The Performance Health Academy of Warrenville, Illinois hosted education on splinting last Saturday, January 13th in the 2B H.D. Smith Tiered Classroom. The class was held from 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. and was taught by Cindy McGuire and Dr. Kristen Davin, both Occupational Therapists with Memorial Medical Center.

Lecture, live demonstration and hands-on application including splint fabrication was used during the course. Five education objectives were reviewed which included:

Identifying five anatomical landmarks used in fabricating upper extremity splints, issues related to inaccurate use of those landmarks and any additional contributing factors.

• Identifying two potential splint material characteristics for each splint fabricated during the lab component of the course and two corrective measures to optimize the splint that take into account properties of the selected splinting materials.

• Identifying the three steps in the split fabrication process and one diagnostic factor and one patient specific lifestyle consideration when selecting a specific splint pattern.

• Identifying two material characteristics of splint materials, compare and contrast the similarities and differences of two types of splint materials and identify one or more uses for each material type.

• Creating five splints from start to finish, including demonstrating modifictions of each splint for proper fit.

Continuing education credits were awarded for participants who completed the all day education.