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Logan County Trailway Effort Continues, Public Invited to Planning Meeting


A Logan County, Illinois bicycle and trailway master plan was developed under the guidance of the Logan County Regional Planning Commission. The design was completed by Farnsworth Group using a grant from the Illinois Department of Transportation. The master plan provides a framework to facilitate transportation enhancements for bicyclists, pedestrians, in-line skaters and non-motorized vehicles throughout all of Logan County.

The plan was approved by the Logan County Regional Planning Commission in February 2013 and approved by the Logan County Board in May 2013.

A comprehensive trailway system enhances the overall quality of life. Trails play an important role in health and wellness of the populations they serve. Research has shown that walking and biking may help reduce cases of asthma, decrease rates of obesity, lower health care costs and even improve mental health.

Healthy Communities Partnership is a collaborative organization comprised of dozens of community agencies. It is supported by the Abraham Lincoln Healthcare Foundation and is collaborating with the Logan County Regional Planning Commission to host a public roundtable to discuss the approved plan, hear feedback, and help set goals to implement the plan.

The public is invited to the Steinfort Conference Center at Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital on Tuesday, October 29 at 6pm to hear more about the plan and get involved to help move this project forward.

To review the Bicycle and Trailway Master Plan, visit For more information, please contact Angela Stoltzenburg at 217-605-5008.