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Memorial Medical Center Foundation Awards Record-Breaking $576,000 in Health-Related Grants


The Memorial Medical Center Foundation has awarded more than a half-million dollars in health-related grants for community and health-system initiatives – a record-breaking total for the foundation's grant program.

Twenty-six projects, totaling $576,345, received amounts ranging from $490 to $125,000. Fourteen grants were awarded to projects within Memorial Health System, nine to Southern Illinois University (SIU) School of Medicine and one each to University of Illinois at Chicago College of Nursing Springfield Regional Campus, University of Illinois Springfield and the Springfield Fire Department.

“These grants demonstrate Memorial’s continued support of healthcare education – not just for our providers, but also our patients and members of our community,” Melissa Hansen Schmadeke, the foundation’s executive director, said. “Two grants will provide the tools necessary to address life-threatening, emergency situations we see occurring throughout the world. We are pleased to see our applicants being proactive."

The grant recipients are:     

Memorial Health System, Organization Development: $125,000 to provide financial assistance for professional certifications.

Memorial Health System, Organization Development: $77,151 to buy two simulators to train healthcare providers at the Memorial Center for Learning and Innovation.

University of Illinois at Chicago College of Nursing Springfield Regional Campus: $60,310 to buy manikins for simulating learning activities.

SIU School of Medicine, Pediatric Emergency Medicine: $48,805 to buy a neonatal simulator to train healthcare professionals in newborn and infant medical resuscitation.

SIU School of Medicine, Institute for Plastic Surgery: $46,332 to study the ability of antimicrobial peptides to sterilize burn wounds.

SIU School of Medicine, Equity Diversity and Inclusion: $39,446 to support initiatives to increase the cultural competency of medical students, increase the number of health equity leaders and support the Inaugural Alliance for Women in Medicine.

SIU School of Medicine, Neurosurgery: $30,832 to determine how higher doses of 5-ALA affect the extent of surgical resection of the brain and overall patient survival.

Memorial Medical Center, Emergency Department: $29,260 to buy 770 Stop the Bleed kits for distribution to responders throughout the community, including District 186, churches, the Capitol Police Department and Memorial Health System emergency departments.

Midwest Healthcare Quality Alliance: $17,928 to fund a symposium about quality, safety and simulation.

SIU School of Medicine, Office of Population Science and Policy: $16,986 to fund a one-day conference for leaders in rural healthcare to learn about innovative programs and the opportunity to form a network for improving the health of rural populations.

Memorial Medical Center, Nursing Division: $11,925 to fund a one-day conference focused on handling uncivil behavior by patients and how to recognize substance-abuse issues and manage withdrawal symptoms while providing care.

Memorial Medical Center, Nursing Division: $11,890 to fund a one-day conference about effectively taking care of patients with sepsis and septic shock.

Springfield Fire Department: $9,320 to buy emergency medical services supplies needed to provide care in the event of an active shooter or other mass casualty incident.

Memorial Weight Loss and Wellness Center: $7,537 to provide scholarships to 15 children and teenagers to participate in the Memorial Center for Healthy Families program.

University of Illinois Springfield, Department of Biology: $7,500 to buy two muscle torso models, a lower leg muscle model, an arm muscle model and a magnetic teaching skull for anatomy and physiology classes.

Memorial Medical Center, Nursing Division: $6,800 to fund a nursing research conference.

Memorial Medical Center, Nursing Division: $6,600 to fund a two-day course for critical care nurses in preparation for a certification exam.

SIU School of Medicine, Department of Surgery: $6,400 to study trauma care at Memorial Medical Center, evaluate interventions to improve quality of care and enhance the training of surgery and emergency medicine residents.

SIU School of Medicine, Division of Geriatrics: $5,000 to buy equipment for aging- and dementia-related studies.

Memorial Medical Center Family Maternity Suites: $2,400 to offer a three-day comprehensive course for obstetrical, nursery and postpartum nurses in preparation for a certification exam.

SIU School of Medicine, Graduate Medical Education Center: $1,950 to provide a reception that includes presentation opportunities and an award ceremony for residents and fellows who develop a quality improvement project.

Memorial Medical Center, Nursing Division: $1,913 to study the effectiveness of leaving peripheral IVs intact until clinically indicated for removal.

Memorial Medical Center Regional Cancer Center: $1,800 to provide a certified smoking cessation program for cancer patients and their immediate family members as well as Memorial employees and patients.

Midwest Healthcare Quality Alliance: $1,470 to assist with the implementation of a second-victim support program for Memorial Health System employees.

Memorial Medical Center Baylis Day Surgery: $1,300 to buy 10 Kindle Fire tablets for children to use prior to and after surgical procedures.

SIU School of Medicine, Institute for Plastic Surgery: $490 to offset the cost of a wound care symposium.

Since 1984, the foundation has distributed more than $9.5 million in health-related grants. The deadline for the next round of grant applications is Feb. 1, 2019.

"These grants would not be possible without our donors. They allow the foundation to make an investment in the future health and well-being of our community,” Schmadeke said.

The foundation secures financial support and awards grants for health-related services that benefit people served by Memorial Health System and other nonprofit community organizations.

The foundation awards grants to central Illinois organizations with 501(c)(3) classifications or educational institutions in communities served by Memorial Health System. Grants are not awarded to individuals.

For more information about the foundation’s programs and services or its grant-application process, call 217-788-4700 or visit the foundation’s website at

The foundation’s officers are Bridget L. Lamont, chair; Rob Pietroburgo, vice chair; Cherrilyn Mayfield, treasurer; G. Virginia Conlee, secretary; Robert W. Kay, assistant treasurer; and Edgar J. Curtis, president.

Other board members are Tricia Nelson Becker, Susan Gleason, J. Martin Green, Dr. David L. Griffen, Jennifer Isringhausen, Cheryl Martin, James Walter Reed Jr., J. William Roberts, Henry Dale Smith Jr. and Valera Yazell.