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ALMH Foundation Funds Memorial Behavioral Health Work in Local Schools


The Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital Foundation has awarded Memorial Behavioral Health an $85,000 grant to support the Children’s MOSAIC project. The MOSAIC project provides a Behavioral Health Consultant, employed by Memorial Behavioral Health, to local schools in order to provide appropriate screening and support services to cultivate the social and emotional health of children and families.

In the most recent community health needs assessment conducted by Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital mental health was identified as health priority in Logan County. The Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital Foundation, through the ALMH Community Health Collaborative, is funding MOSAIC to improve the health of the people and communities it serves.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, more than 20 percent of children and adolescents have mental health problems but less than half receive services. And the National Alliance on Mental Illness reports that the start of many mental health conditions most often occurs in adolescence.

“The MOSAIC program screens all students and provides services to those who could benefit. We have already seen that students are more likely to participate in services provided at the school and it prevents them from missing instruction time to accommodate traveling to and from services off-site,” said Jan Gambach, Memorial Behavioral Health Director. “Our goal is to be part of the school team and provide students the resources they need to become successful, both academically and personally.”

MOSAIC services are currently provided to 3 schools in Logan County with a goal to expand the program to all schools. The program is currently hiring additional staff to expand services. Interested individuals should visit for more information.

For information about how to support the work of the ALMH Community Health Collaborative, please contact the ALMH Foundation office at 217-605-5006. The MOSAIC program can be contacted directly by calling 217-735-2722.