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Lorna Legreid is Passavant Employee of the Month


Lorna Legreid takes the worries away for clients struggling with insurance and Medicare issues. As the Medicare/Insurance consultant for PAH, her work is often praised by clients and their families as “great” and “amazing.” So, it’s no surprise that Legreid was awarded the Employee of the Month honor, one of only two people at Passavant Area Hospital to receive the award three times.

“My reward is helping our clients navigate through the maze of insurance issues,” Legreid said. “When I do one-on-one education and I get the ‘ah-ha’ moment, that’s when I know they understand and I’ve done my job.”

As the Medicare/Insurance consultant, Legreid assists with enrollment for Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid and Part D. She also sorts out billing issues between insurance companies and clients and keeps current with changes to insurance, Medicare and Medicaid.

“I really enjoy working with our senior population because they are so appreciative of our services,” Legreid said. “After doing this for over 30 years, many of my clients are true friends who trust me to help them.”

Legreid was nominated by two co-workers who shared how one client’s positive comments on social media ended in hundreds of likes and comments. One person said, “Just saying thank you isn’t enough for myself and others who rely on Lorna for help. I am so thankful Passavant has this service and I am forever grateful to Lorna.”

In her free time, Legreid enjoys walking, bicycling, hiking, crocheting, reading and a new hobby she discovered this winter: jigsaw puzzles. Legreid and her husband, Dennis, live in Chapin.

The Employee of the Month at Passavant receives eight hours off with pay, an Employee of the Month plaque, an Employee of the Month pin, a close parking space for one month in the physicians’ parking garage and a decorated cake.