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TMH Foundation Sponsors Participants of Youth Mental Health First Aid Training


Taylorville Memorial Hospital Foundation was pleased to support community members who attended the recent Mental Health First Aid training specifically geared toward helping youth with mental illness and substance abuse issues.  The training was held at Taylorville Memorial Hospital on April 30.

“The TMH Foundation is thrilled to support community health outreach initiatives such as Mental Health First Aid training,” said Foundation executive director Raedena Ryan.  “Healthcare is so much more than what happens within the walls of the hospital.  We are committed to helping our community and through the generosity of our donors, we are able to support programs such as this.”

This specific youth training is recommended for anyone 18 or older who regularly have contact with young people ages 12-18 such as teachers, coaches, social workers, faith leaders and other caring citizens, but is open to everyone.  At this session, teachers from South Fork, Taylorville Junior High and Salem were in attendance.

“Most people know how to recognize and appropriately react to medical emergencies, but there is little knowledge in the general public about what to do in a mental health crisis,” said Melissa Thomas, TMH foundation and community health specialist.  "This training will provide people in our community with the resources they need to know how to respond."