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David Alexander's Five Doves is Dedicated


Local artist David Alexander’s stained glass creation entitled “Five Doves” was dedicated on Jan. 27 at ALMH. The installation, which can be found on the second floor across from the public elevators, stretches across six large window panels and features a variety of flowers, leaves, hummingbirds, and of course, five doves. It was commissioned by Lincoln residents Barbara and Alan Kline.

Barb is a 40-year veteran of ALMH and Alan, now retired from Lincoln Christian University, is a frequent volunteer. On his numerous daily trips to the second floor to escort a discharged patient, he was always disturbed by the stark brightness of a reflective white roof that greeted those exiting the elevators. As patrons of the arts, Barb and Alan had a vision to create more attractive and calming space to greet visitors and patients. They also wanted to donate something to the new hospital to honor the Curt, Carrie and Joshua Schleich, their daughter and her family.

The Klines sought out Lincoln native David Alexander, a State of Illinois Juried Artisan, to design and build the piece. Alexander was given artistic freedom for the concept and final design, which incorporated 25 different colors and textures against a background of sky blue privacy glass.

On Jan. 27, a dedication ceremony was held to celebrate the generosity of the Klines and the artistry of David Alexander. ALMH Chaplain Robert Henderson presided over the dedication.

The stained glass has been a welcome addition to the hospital. “Every day when I get off the elevator and see the stained glass, it makes it a better day,” said Kristen Green, MD of Springfield Clinic, who practices obstetrics and gynecology at Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital. “It’s a beautiful piece.”

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