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Amelia, Oliver and Levi Were Springfield’s Top Baby Names in 2019


Amelia was the most popular name for a baby girl in Springfield in 2019, while the most popular name for a boy was a tie between Oliver and Levi, according to information from Springfield’s two hospitals.

A total of 21 baby girls were named Amelia at HSHS St. John’s Hospital and Memorial Medical Center last year, while 19 baby boys each received the name of Oliver or Levi.

“We are honored to share these special moments with our new parents as they welcome their newborn into the world,” said Susan McCarty, one of the nurse managers of Family Maternity Suites, the maternity unit at Memorial Medical Center.

The remaining five most popular girls’ names at the two hospitals were Emma, 19; Olivia, 18; Aria, 15; and Ava, 13. Rounding out the five most popular boys’ names were Lincoln, 16; Jaxson, 14; and Benjamin, 11.

“We love meeting all of the families who come to St. John’s for their child’s birth,” said Jessica Gonko, nurse manager of the women and infants center at HSHS St. John’s Hospital. “Our team feels blessed to have the opportunity to help welcome all these babies into the world.”

HSHS St. John’s Hospital had 2,048 births in 2019. Memorial Medical Center had 1,440.